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A Weekend Away In the Cape Town Winelands: Café Bon Bon

June 6th, 2017 | Style


Aaaah the weekend away that was, I must say Café Bon Bon in the Cape Town winelands Franschhoek was a highlight.

Hey guys, welcome to my blog! I am very excited that Cape Town is finally getting that much needed rain storm after a long dry spell. The weather man has hyped this day up with promises of large waves and some of the strongest winds we have seen yet. Keep dry and be safe…I thought this blog post could help you deal with this gloomy weather. Well this passed May we celebrated my boyfriend Andrew’s birthday with a little vacation out of the city and into the scenic winelands of The Mother City, Cape Town where explored; Paarl and Cafe Bon Bon situated in Franschhoek.


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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love tracking around Cape Town, exploring and discovering new places. As part of Andrews birthday present our good friend Caleb gifted Andrew a beautiful stay at the Braemar Farm Main House & Bungalo in Paarl and of course by association I got to enjoy Andrews birthday present too 🙂

Caleb booked a gorgeous house on Airbnb. This cozy 10 sleeper house has a classic rustic feel. We immediately felt at home and familiarized ourselves with the setting. We were secluded and didn’t have limitations on sound, which was great for the jam-filled Friday night. Lots of pizza, even more wine, good house music and deep conversations by the bonfire on the porch were the order of the day. We danced, we ate and played fun card games; Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity.

On the Saturday we woke up to the beautiful views that Paarl have to offer. The birthday lunch was booked at Café Bon Bon in Franschhoek, which is a 45 min drive from Paarl- I know, I know it’s long drive, but Uber is becoming more and more frequent out there so traveling around is a breeze.

La Petite Dauphine farm’s Café Bon Bon was a big highlight for all of us, and some of the best food I have eaten yet. The menu has some wholesome hearty dishes like pork belly as well as riblets refined to what I would call down-to-earth fine dining. You will be happy to know that the dishes on the menu is fresh of   La Petite Dauphine Farm l. I loved how the restaurant made use of the space. You can go on wandering and have moments on a bench under a 500-year-old tree.

Café Bon Bon has options for everyone; you can book in the main restaurant or in the back yard which has a different and very special feel. Café Bon Bon has impeccable service, they are genuinely friendly and professional. This is the second time I have visited this lovely restaurant and it definitely won’t be the last.



We spent Sunday poolside back at Braemar Wine Farm main house and bungalow  in Paarl, nursing our hangovers and taking afternoon naps….As always thank you for stopping by, let’s get to know each other better on Instagram, twitter, Facebook and YouTube!


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