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How to Achieve Timeless Elegance

November 26th, 2014 | Inspired


Valentino garments are the epitome of elegance – he has certainly mastered the art that is elegance and the results are consistently astounding.

‘There is no key! If there were it would be too easy, rich women could buy the key and all their fashion worries would be over! But simplicity,grooming and good taste – the three fundamentals of fashion – cannot be bought. But they can be learnt, by rich and poor alike.’ – Valentino

Here are some more tips on how you can master the same level of elegance in your everyday attire

Keep it Clean 

Faded garments are the stuff of an elegant woman’s nightmares. Make sure that your whites are white as snow and your blacks as black as night. The same can be said for stains and lint – lint removers and fabric friendly bleach are your friends.

Neat as a Pin

Crisp is the name of the game, unless it achieves an out of this world OTD then tuck in those shirts and fold down those collars.

Don’t Be Worn Out

Say it with me “I will not let this dress wear me”. The perfect dress can be so stunning and eye-catching that people notice it before they do you. Make sure that whatever you wear enhances your favourite features. The garment is really just the frame.

Quality over Quantity

Rich and authentic fabrics cannot be replicated, nothing feels or smells like real leather. Invest in his quality garments keeping a lookout not just for fabrics but also for perfect stitching and great fit.

Dress for the Occasion

Dressing up has never killed anyone, we even dare you to push the boundaries.

Back to Basics

Black blazer, white blouse, blue jeans, and nude heels – these are just a few basics every woman can build her outfit around.


This has been dubbed the best accessory many times over, so enjoy yourself and smile.

Be You, Be True….Bisous xx

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