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Top Foundation Primers Review-Battle of the Primers

July 25th, 2017 | Beauty


As a new primer user I had so many questions about how to choose the most suitable primer for my skin to achieve the desired effect. My aim in this article is give you a few pointers to help you invest wisely. Today I review three of my staple foundation primers; the L.A. Girl pro prep high definition face primer VS Palladio foundation primer (botanical ¬vitamin infused) VS Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine, I put them in the ring together to see who comes out on top, Its the battle of the primers!

Top foundation primers review – Battle of the primers: For a while now there has been much talk about the importance and results of wearing a makeup/ foundation primer. I finally buckled to the rave reviews and decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try – so for months now I have worn primers religiously. I tried out some of the beauty industry’s top foundation primers, each being very different primers and unique; LA girl pro prep high definition face primer as well as Palladio foundation primer (botanical and vitamin infused) and lastly the Catrice prime and fine beautifying primer…

Battle of the Primers

What is a primer?

Think about your makeup application as building blocks, you start from the bottom and build up for a stronger and more stable structure. From foundation to blush to setting  powders etc. there are many layers to consider. But whether you are going light or full face, your foundation always has to be strong. A primer is the foundation base.

  • It seals pores and smooths fine lines allowing for a smoother foundation application.
  • It prevents your pores from absorbing talc and pigment from your foundation and also prevents talc from drawing oil from the skin. Especially when wearing liquid foundations which can make its way through the smallest pores.
  •  Most primers are non-comedogenic – a skincare product or cosmetic that is formulated so as not to cause blocked pores so there are no worries about clogging pores and causing acne.
  • Primers soften skin giving it a velvet feel.
  •  Helps makeup last longer.
  • Decrease sweating through pores and shield skin against dust and debris.
  •  Mattify skin giving your makeup a more air brushed finish.


Palladio Foundation Primer

Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers
Palladio Foundation Primer

The first primer that tried is the Palladio foundation primer. I chose this because the beauty assistant at Dischem advised that it is botanical based (natural ingredients).

  • I found that this primer had more of a silicone glide, so I had to fill in my brows first before applying it because it would make my browns look somewhat oily.
  • It did not provide the matt effect essential for oily skin like mine, it wasn’t long before I started to sweat through my foundation. I would therefore recommend this product to someone with dry skin.

Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers

L.A. Girl pro prep HD. High definition face primer

Battle of the Primers

I was immediately impressed with this product for a number of reasons:

  • I used this product my oily skin type and on clients that I have done makeup on. I find it suitable for a wide variety of skin types giving that gorgeous matt finish.
  • Provides long-lasting cover and is sweat-proof.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • You can purchase this product at Dischem

Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the PrimersTop Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers

Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine

Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers
Catrice Prime and Fine Beautifying Primer

This is the most hydrating and luminating primer containing vitamin E which is great for skin repair. Some benefits include:

  • Creamy at first application and is easily absorbed by the skin leaving your skin Matt with a silky texture.
  • I found it hydrating and moisturizing, great for that dewy makeup look.
  • Its luminosity is great for tired looking skin.
  • It has a silky texture that helps makeup glide and blend with ease.
  • Because it is highly moisturizing, I combine it with the L.A girl and it works like a charm.

Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers Top Foundation Primers Review - Battle of the Primers

I have concluded that making a choice on what primer to have is dependent on:

  • Your skin type/ the needs of your skin at the time and what effect you are looking for.
  • What time of day you will be wearing it; if I am going to a night time event, then the more luminous finish is what I would go for. However, daytime requires more of a matt finish especially for those of us with oily skin.

There you have it for the Top Foundation Primers – Battle of the Primers, I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you have any recommendations or a reviews feel free to leave a comment below, while you are there let me know: Who wins the Battle of the Primers for you! Hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube xoxo.

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