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Spier Wine Estate –Your Ultimate Tour Guide

March 8th, 2020 | Style


Spier Wine Estate –Your Ultimate Tour Guide

Spier Wine Estate – Your Ultimate Tour Guide
Don’t you just love the sound of wine pouring into a large wine glass? It makes me come alive. I am sure after you read blog post on Endless Vineyards then you know, I love my wine! I had taken a one-month hiatus from all alcohol. Living in Cape Town, home to the most amazing wines in the world, this was especially hard.

Taking a trip out to Spier Wine Estate to break my hiatus was exciting. I was inspired to bring you the Spier Wine Estate – Your Ultimate Tour Guide blog. Not only because The Creative Block Five is one of my favorite wines, but also because I had never been to Spier Wine Estate. So being an avid explorer who is always up for little adventure to new places, I jumped at the chance. From the initial drive into Spier Wine Estate I was overwhelmed with its beautiful landscapes.

There is so much to discover at Spier from the restaurants and the wine culture to the activities and the animal sanctuary and so much more…emphasis on so much more. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of it! So, cheers to your  Spier Wine Estate Ultimate tour guide. Make the most out of your visit to Spier Wine Estate.

Spier Wine Estate is home to multiple restaurants, majority of the food served is
farmed here. Farmer Angus believes in farming as naturally and holistically as possible with free roaming cattle. When I learned this, I was basically skipping and hopping to Vada’s Smokehouse and bakery. All the meats are smoked to absolute perfection, but they also have vegetarian options. The menu design encourages sharing which is exactly what my cousin and I did, this way
everyone gets a taste of a variety of the dishes.

We had lunch at Restaurant Eight which prides itself on using fresh produce grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or artificial chemicals and we could taste the difference. The restaurant screams Sundays at your grandma’s; it is cozy with a centered fireplace surrounded by relaxing sofas. The terrace ceiling is draped in individually handcrafted recycled white plastic milk bottles.

Then there was the Hotel restaurant; this is where breakfast was served for the duration of our stay. The chef sources his ingredients from the Spier Estate as well as other farms. Their menu has a wide variety of food from burgers to chicken livers or slow braised lamb shank with pap; which by the way was an outstanding dish.

Spier Wine Tasting
The experience would not be complete without a trip to Spier Wine Estate tasting room where my taste buds where tantalized with the newly launched duo Seaward wines. I am already accustomed to the creative block, which is on my list of favorite wines, but this one is right up there too. Just picture the lightly wooded
chardonnay layered spicy Shiraz paired with rich soup. Seriously, how does Spier know exactly what I love?

Activities Art
Yes, there is more fun to be had at Spier wine estate. The Spier arts trust was established to generate shared value for the makers and buyers of South African art. The Spier estate grounds are decorated in life art of many mediums, just taking a stroll on the Spier Estate grounds is like walking in an outdoor museum.

Are you are up for a little thrill? Take up the Spier Segway tour. Segway-in is more my thing. After the friendly Segway instructor guide gave me a little Segway training I was cruising. I must say this is best way to take the beauty of the estate in its entirety. Just note that you are not allowed to Segway if you have been drinking. So plan your Segway tour prior to wine tasting.

All things come to an end, and the Spa was the best way to end this chapter. Nothing like a relaxing hot coal reflexology massage to send you on your way. It was a little bit of an adjustment getting back into my normal routine as I was just so zen and relaxed.

The Staff
This blog post couldn’t come to an end without mentioning the outstanding staff members of the Spier Wine Estate. They are so kind and attentive and hardworking, their zest for life and work is contagious. I can understand why the Spier Wine Estate is the well-oiled machine that it is.

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