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Avon Faraway Rebel

August 8th, 2018 | Beauty


Happy Women’s month my lovelies and thank you for stopping by for this review of the newly released Avon Faraway Rebel.

It is women’s month and you’re possibly looking to spoil yourself or someone you love without breaking a leg or the bank the the Avon Faraway Rebel is the fragrance for you. As promised, in this review I spilling the tea on why the new is not only great value for money at R289.00 but also why not treat yourself or a loved one with the Avon Faraway Rebel.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen my most recent post recommending this fragrance…and you have also double tapped to show me some love. Yasssssss!I love the message behind the creation of this scent and it couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as it is women’s month. It encourages individuality, authenticity and brings out the rebel in every woman!

Created with perfumer extraordinaire Jean-Marc Chaillan who studied perfumery at the reputable ISAPCA School and currently works at IFF. He has a long and impressive resume of perfume creations under his belt, so those high expectations are well-placed and he doesn’t disappoint.

The note of fresh orange blossom is accompanied by salted chocolate and toffee all bursting in unison to create the incredible Avon Faraway Rebel. It is this combination that makes it like nothing like any fragrance I’ve ever come across, certainly breaking the mold. This fragrance is perfect for everyday wear and pretty much any occasion, although personally this would be a fun night out in that LBD kind of fragrance…on that Avon Faraway Rebel, break the mood kind of lit night. Avon has definitely done it again!

Comment below and let me know about a time when you’ve broken the mold. Is it how you dress? a career path less travelled? have you overcome a hurdle recently?



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