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Nars Cosmetics Natural Long Wear Foundation Review

April 23rd, 2020 | Beauty


Nars Cosmetics Natural Longwear Foundation Review

Nars Cosmetics Natural Long Wear Foundation Review

NARS Cosmetics has a great organic reputation. Having worked in the beauty industry for some time now, it is not enough for me to just read about a brand – even though I am doing just that – but instead to be able to speak from experience. In a world largely influenced by social media, promoted posts and consumerism; if you follow my blog & Instagram you know I pride myself on always seeking out ways to identify authentic reviews on products. Finding trusted reviews is one way to weed out the false from the truth and I heard raving reviews from a variety of people about the NARS foundations. On a trip to the U.K. I set time aside to go into a department store and get swatched to find my perfect NARS Cosmetics natural radiant longwear  foundation shade and to bring you a very real reviews. Here is what you should know about the NARS Cosmetics Natural Radiant Longwear foundation.

1. The foundation is light against the skin with a comfortable finish, so you will not feel caking or clogging of pores.

2. This is long wear, so you will not have to frequently touch up your makeup.

3. Speaking of wearing layers of foundation, the success of layering to with powder and highlighters is very much dependent on the foundation upon which we build. How the foundation blends with the layers will make for an effortless smooth finish…we are going for that we did not try at all, yes, we woke up like this look. The NARS natural radiant foundation blends in and takes other layers effortlessly, this is a major win.

4. You should take note of your skin type when purchasing this foundation, this way you can make the necessary prime steps for a flawless finish. The words radiant within the name of the foundation is more for description than identifying. It does give you that glowy, dewy radiant finish but the extent of this is dependent on your skin type.

Obviously the oilier your skin the more radiant. Checkout my YouTube video review on the NARS natural Longwear radiant
foundation, I also give you tips and tricks on how to achieve that unmovable bomb AF lasting finish.

5. I would say that this foundation is a light to medium coverage, if you have bumps and texture this foundation is not the best for concealing those. It would cover light scarring, but the finish is beautiful.

6. So does the foundation last 16 hours? It is dependent on your primary steps and your skin type, again watch my review. I
would say you can account for an 8 to 14 hours wear. The NARS natural Longwear radiant foundation goes for a whopping US$49, that is almost R1000 for my South African friends…and that is without courier and tax. This foundation gets 8 out of 10 bisous from me.


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