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Gorgeous George Cape Town – My Winter Layering Fashion Tips

July 15th, 2019 | Style


Gorgeous George Cape Town – My Winter Layering Fashion Tips .


Gorgeous George Cape Town – My Winter Layering Fashion Tips

One night after the common Cape Town braai my friends raved about this new
places in Cape Town. Gemma who is an avid traveler and is always keen to try
out new places suggest we try out a new hotel with a rooftop bar and restaurant.
She went on to say the bar menu has cocktail so strong the hotel only allows two
per guest. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I am a keen to explorer
of places and experiences. Did you not pick this up in my Tintswalo Boulders
travel post when I explored Simon’s Town? Needless to say, now I understand
why curiosity killed the cat…well the rooftop and two delicious deadly cocktails
of course. Especially if you do not stick to the recommended amount when
getting lost in Cape Town’s newest edition Gorgeous George a boutique hotel
with a stunning rooftop restaurant and bar.

Gorgeous George is situated right in the thick of the hustle and bustle of the city,
on the world renowned St Gorgeous mall. If are a Capetonian or visited the
mother city you may have walked passed it a few times. It is neighboring one of
Cape Town’s liveliest African market; Greenmarket Square the second oldest
space after The Grand Parade. Tucked away in between sky scrappers is where
you will meet this home away from home. Gorgeous George is created from two
heritage buildings and the first to join the first in Cape Town to join the Design
Hotels. I use to come to a hair salon in this same building to do my hair, it is
amazing to see the transformation. From a rustic slightly warn down building in
this modern design with a hint of retro to it. The tan coloured marble floor with
gold accents cannot go unnoticed, what about the contrasting colours that come
together do well? I noticed the deep dark green paired up with pastel and coral
collours that seem to be the consistent theme in the décor from the from the Gigi
restaurant and bar as well as the rooms.

The elevator door open in the lounge area of Gorgeous George I immediately am
whisked away by the rush of the escape. The large windows offering a stunning
view over looking the Mother city’s beauty, the lux rich leather sofas and the
walk diagonally draped in books. The browns and deep rich colours start to
brighten as I made my way through the restaurant. As walked on the deck I was
met with floating plants, corals and swede burgundy sofa it was a delightful
tropical bonanza.

I also got to experience one of the 32 bedrooms that was our studio for the day.
The luxurious spacious two-bedroom suites are featuring two separate
bathrooms featuring a king size and a queen size. You also have the option of one
queen size and two separate beds, for families. Gorgeous George also spoils you
with Nespresso coffee and hand selected teas on the house.!
What a beautiful find! I am sure you are keen to see the fashion images also shot
at Gorgeous George: My winter fashion tips to keep hot

My winter layering fashion tips: how to keep looking hot this winter
So there I was almost getting use to an unusual winter, the sun did pop out to say
hi more regularly than last winter. I was getting accustom to a relatively
forgiving winter…this is until the last report of the storm the hit Cape Town, the weather report predicted it would ‘of biblical proportions. Lets just say
my winter fashion tips on how to keep looking hot this winter are well inspired.

We shall not compromise our style this winter


Old Khaki cord skirt, turtleneck, leather jacket, G-star ankle boots.

Poetry Stores Paperbag Trousers, double breasted soft blazer, leopard print shoes, leather bag.

Tip 1 More Fabric
This may seem obvious but humor me a little, go for items with more fabric.
Better yet thicker insulating fabric. I would also suggest you go for garments
with lining this will keep you warmer. Like this Poetry Stores jumpsuit, add a
classic trench and a scarf and voiala!

Tip 2 Turtlenecks
Tip number two of my winter layering fashion tip is my favourite yet! Not only
are they super trendy this winter but turtleneck will keep you warm this winter
with out the bulkiness and the weight. This Olkhaki white woolen turtleneck was
a great find it is a thinner flatter cotton wool but tightly woven making it great
for keeping the heat in leaving you room to playing around with your look freely.
So why not layer up with a swede Olkhaki skirt and a classic brown leather coat,
add a pop of colour with this leather wrap belt from Poetry Stores. That
burgundy coloure from the belt tying in beautifully with this G-star ankle boots.

Poetry Stores jumpsuit, snake print leather shoes.

Tip 3 Suit up!
Yes I was a fan of series how I met your mother too, best advice Barnie Stinson
ever gave especially in the winter. Yes lets all suit up, nothing says fashion more
that a beautifully tailored suit! A suite looks like you tried hard when actually
items that come in pairs are the easiest wears. A pants and blazer is certainly a
warm option this winter. This Poetry Stores mustard suit gives me fashion and
warmth; I added a brown leather bag complementing this look. I wanted an
element of classic chic so I opted for the leopard print block heel, Check out my
blog post where I paired up my leather pumps.
These are my three simple winter layering fashion tips, happy winter friends!
Keep looking hot this winter. xoxo


Images by Gabriella Achadinha

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