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Check Yourself

May 22nd, 2016 | Style


Check Yourself!

How a elevate casual look and tame a busy pattern.

ig wide DSC_2880


Check yourself! How a elevate casual look and tame a busy pattern

Check yourself

Check Yourself! or I will check you! lol just joking 🙂 this post is all about how a elevate casual look and tame a busy pattern. It has been sometime since my last post but I hope you are all well. The mother city is getting cooler…the sudden chill in the air inspired this edgy and catchy look. Winter speaks black, gray and lots of monotone but this does not mean boring! In fact, winter entices my sassy, daring side.

Patterns can be quite daunting right? I had always thought that patterns accentuated too much and appeared too busy! On the other hand they can be eye-catching and unique. So I challenged myself to wear it my way.
This checkered black and white co-ord set from Boohoo had been lurking in my closet for months, an inheritance from my sister’s relocation.
A few things to consider;
Priorities whatever is the focus point of your look, for me the two-piece. That means everything else can be kept simple and solid. I also kept the accessories to a minimum donning my favourite lace up heels from Zara and a leather cap. Try black sneakers to bring this look back to day casual. Throw on a black coat to protect against the chill.
Lastly, check yourself ✅ like what you see? If course you do!
Let me know how you’ve tamed or embraced your busy patterns.
Tag me or hash Tag #bisouscheckyourself

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