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April 3rd, 2020 | Beauty


5 Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

My research into perfecting eyebrows have taken me from zero to hero. I’ve narrowed them down to just five super helpful tips for shaping the perfect brow.

Whoever said that ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’ clearly hadn’t perfected their eyebrow game. Nike check shape much sir.? And not the departing angry bird eyebrow shape either please!

Truth is, I have had both those shapes and more, and learned the value of trial and error. When I discovered the eyebrow pencil, I was overboard excited and got what I now refer to as the eyebrow pencil trigger finger. Through practice and a lot of research I have refined my technique.

My research into perfecting eyebrows have taken me from zero to hero. I’ve narrowed them down to just five super helpful tips for shaping the perfect brow.

  1. Minimize the oiliness of your brow area

This simple step is a snatched eyebrow game changer. Try a mattifying primer such as the NYX shine killer or the NYX pore filler.  Followed up with a translucent powder to set your brows, any translucent powder would work perfectly before carving out the eyebrows of your dreams. Checkout the Revlon Candid translucent powder or the Ben Nye translucent powder would work perfectly. This allows for a more refined finish when using your, brow pencil or pomades etc. It also minimises the skin sweating and oiling up under all your hard work. I don’t know about you, but the eyebrows take quite a bit of time, in-fact it is the most time consuming stage of my makeup routine. Once you have this stage down it’s now time to call upon your inner Picasso.

2. Let your natural shape guide you
I must have been running late when the good Lord was dishing out eyebrows. That or Cara Delavigne is just a greedy b****, I don’t know. I have something to work with, but I am not captain of the eyebrow team. I’ll admit, when I discovered the eyebrow pencil I wanted to create different eyebrow shapes for every day of the week while in fact, the perfect eyebrow shape is the one you already possess. Follow your natural eyebrow shape! I have an easy step by step guide on the perfect eyebrows tutorial on my YouTube check it out.


3. Know your shade
For the perfect eyebrow you need your perfect shade. One that works with your skin colour to accentuate your features. These days most eyebrow utensils come with a matching guide for your skin tone and undertone, take advantege of this and get matched.

4. Hair-like strokes only
The perfect eyebrows come from mimicking your very own natural brows. When carving out your perfect shape, begin by filling the more spars areas using hair-like strokes technique. This will help you achieve a natural-looking brow because…well…we woke up like this! wink wink.

5. Brush and blend
Back in the day my mom used a drugstore pencil and a toothbrush to blend. Now it is almost a given that an eyebrow pencil comes complete with a little brush to match, like the Benefit cosmetics goof proof brow, or the Mac cosmetics for example. Brushing helps straighten out curly or misdirected brows while also blending the product into your natural brow.

If you have applied these 5 tips into your eyebrows routine, there is no reason why you won’t achieve the perfect brows.

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