Top Setting Powders for Dark Skin

With the highlighting trend we have seen the use of setting powders progress on to setting the points on our face that we want to accentuate such as the centre of the for head, chin as well as under the eyes. Highlighting is a great way to accentuate features and add dimension to the face. Here are some of my top setting powders for dark skin when highlighting.
Battle of the Primers

Top Foundation Primers Review-Battle of the Primers

As a new primer user I had so many questions about how to choose the most suitable primer for my skin to achieve the desired effect. My aim in this article is give you a few pointers to help you invest wisely. Today I review three of my staple foundation primers; the L.A. Girl pro prep high definition face primer VS Palladio foundation primer (botanical ¬vitamin infused) VS Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine, I put them in the ring together to see who comes out on top, Its the battle of the primers!